Bariatric Surgery in India : Getting the Best results !

When it comes to Bariatric surgery there is one common thing between the rate of procedures done and the myths held about the procedure - Both are highly common.
Bariatric/Metabolic surgery has evolved way past the flawed tag of a "cosmetic" procedure since the declaration of Obesity as a disease. 

Bariatric surgeons are fast growing in numbers and this says much about the rate of procedures in India. However patient's are still in dark about understanding what is the best way to go about after suggestion of the surgery. 


The main reason being the incorporation of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.
Multi-disciplinary also reminds me to advise you to always, ALWAYS demand ... for a standardised "BEHAVIOURAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT" in accordance with international standards.

Patients are advised a host of physiological tests before going into surgery. Evaluation of psycho-social factors is just AS necessary if not more.
Let me ask you a question ... When i say "Moist chocolate fudge cake" .... How much of your reaction was emotional before your body responded with a "watery mouth". Everyone has thoughts and emotions about food and most importantly they are different and unique and this is a major criteria in the outcome of your surgery.

Food is the core of life. It is a psychological and social phenomena. Food is associated with our relationships, festivals, lifestyle, our idea of fun, relaxation, celebration and also dealing with stress.

The first step is to recognise that each person has a unique set of habits and beliefs that guides his/her choices.
Just like a different operating system of different computers, Someone has an iOS, someone windows, someone linux etc.
You must choose a surgeon who recognises this and incorporates it into practise.
Understanding your "operating system through a Behavioural Health Evaluation will help you get tailor made treatment.
A lot of you have tried several ways of weight loss and the failure of the methods is quite disheartening and affects us very much. Understanding your "operating system" helps to change previous patterns of failure.

Effectiveness of the weight loss surgery depends upon
a.) how you adapt to the physical changes
b.) how you accept and follow dietary and lifestyle changes
c.) mood
d.) patterns of eating habits
e.) beliefs about food
f.) how you react to stress and coping styles
g.) how you follow medical advice.

All these factors if evaluated before surgery assists the Health Psychologist of the Bariatric team, to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will help to overcome patterns of failure to achieve weight loss and other health goals by using your strengths and working around your weaknesses.

The result is LONG-TERM effective weight loss and complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.
So when you make the decision to opt for the  operation, make sure to ask for a HEALTH BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS.
If you find the surgeon dismissing your demand , remember that he it means he/she is not seeing the problem from your perspective.
Make sure that a Health Psychologist working in the field for more than 5 years and who is trained and licensed is doing your evaluation using standardised psychometric test (MBMD being the best) AND interview.

Take health counselling sessions before and after the surgery to make this journey easier, more comfortable and most successful for you as it will help you achieve YOUR GOALS & DESIRES about your health.

Remember a medical practitioner aims to understand the WHOLE patient, not just the disease. 


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