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How to beat Emotional Eating !

When she came into my office she had a story to tell :
"I was always a thin child. Everyone was jealous, nomatter how much I ate I never put on. Somehow people thought I was too thin. This one time I tried eating a medium pizza for a month to increase my weight but I put on just 2 kgs.
I was always an anxious child, eager to please others, eager for appreciation which according me I rarely got. I didn’t have many friends growing up I was always considered an ugly duckling. I guess I was always body-conscious. As a teenager I had several dysfunctional relationships and food was always a comfort. I think things changed when I started working. The hours were so hectic I couldn’t control when and what I ate. The stress and being hungry for long I often chose comfort food. After I got married, I had an episode of MDD. My weight just shot up after that. My relationship with food became overly dependant. I just couldn’t control my hunger like before. The weight wouldn’t go down no matt…