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Weight Loss – It’s not sheer WILL … IT’s a SKILL

Leading a fitter, healthier life is on everyone’s bucketlist nowadays. However many diets & exercise routines tend to fail.
I have heard many say –
“I have paid the gym membership but I don’t get time.” Or
“I had started a new diet but it’s just so hard to maintain with my social life”.
Maybe you have said “I was doing great until I took a break for 2 days and I haven’t seem to get back on track” OR the classic –
“I will start from MONDAY”

The question here is , when we take up a certain program to achieve a goal …. For example :
I want to loose 10 kgs in 3 months or
I need to fit into that dress in my best friend’s wedding or
I want to cut down on my body fat percentage or
I want to give up on junk food ….
and we don’t achieve that goal, is it really the diet /exercise that didn’t work ?? Nutrition science is very specific – all diets work on the principle of creating a calorie deficit.
Exercise also, will work towards increasing calorie expenditure & build muscle ma…